Real energy savings through people

STRIDE combines best practice psychology with energy management expertise to save organisations energy, carbon and money through employee engagement and behaviour change.


STRIDE was founded by Dr Phillipa Coan, an award winning chartered psychologist and behaviour change expert.

Click on the video below to see why Phillipa set up STRIDE.


  • Cost savings and increased profitability
  • Engaged and motivated employees
  • Reduce risk
  • Attract and retain high calibre employees
  • Meet CSR commitments
  • Resilience against increasing energy prices
  • Pro-environmental branding
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Improved market competitiveness


We follow a simple ‘4-STRIDEs’ framework. Please click on each STRIDE to explore some of the typical services we offer. We recognise every organisation has different requirements, we are happy to help with one or more STRIDEs.


STRIDE delivers a range of training opportunities for end users.

Environmental Behaviour Change Course (5.5 hours of CPD)

This EMA Stage 3 accredited course teaches you how to plan, implement and evaluate your own behaviour change programme.

You will carry out practical tasks in your organisation helping you formulate your own bespoke behaviour change strategy.

The course includes an online workbook, a face-to-face workshop and an assessment.

Changing Culture and Behaviour using ISO 50001

Learn how to successfully implement ISO 50001 to change corporate culture and engage top management and employees to save energy.

This one-day workshop covers the key “people” requirements of ISO 50001 including competence and awareness building, training and communication.

Gain practical insights from an ISO 50001 practitioner, Lead Auditor and a behavioural psychologist.

Basic Energy Saving E-Learning Course (EMA Stage 1 certification awarded upon completion)

No matter where they’re based, everyone in your organisation can understand energy and how it’s consumed, both in the wider world and in your own business.

The course is presented as a quiz via a PC, Tablet or Smartphone; participants test their knowledge and receive instant feedback.

Condensed One-Day Behaviour Change Workshop

Learn how to successfully run a behaviour change programme in your organisation.

Our one-day workshop includes step-by-step guidance, expert advice with key insights from psychology, practical case study examples and learning with fellow professionals.

We also offer FREE introductory workshops for organisations wanting to learn more about how behaviour change and employee engagement can become an integral part of their energy/sustainability strategy.

Our Values

Collaborative Working

We take a multidisciplinary approach, drawing on a pool of highly skilled associates and working in partnership with our clients to ensure solutions are practical and tailor-made.

Making an Impact

We are results-driven and work to the highest quality standards to help our clients positively impact their business and the wider environment.

Innovating for Tomorrow

We strive to be ahead of the curve and draw upon the very latest research in the field to identify solutions that are innovative and evidence-based.

Our Team

Dr Phillipa Coan BSc MSc PhD CPsychol

  • Dr Phillipa Coan is the founder of STRIDE and a leading figure in applying Business Psychology to the field of energy management and broader environmental sustainability.
  • Phillipa firmly promotes multidisciplinary working and set up STRIDE to blend together her strong psychology background with the more technical expertise of energy management specialists.
  • She has worked across sectors and industries including oil and gas, manufacturing, engineering, healthcare, higher education and financial services.
  • Phillipa is also an established consultant in broader selection, training and organisational change and a Visiting Research Fellow at Leeds University Business School.
  • Having a PhD in environmental behaviour change and an academic post at Leeds, Phillipa translates the most cutting-edge academic research into innovative, practical solutions.

STRIDE is made up of a team of experienced psychologists and energy management specialists, click on their photos to learn more.


“Phillipa’s contribution to an ICRS webinar on how to engage people in addressing the challenge of climate change was extremely well received by our members. Her insights into the most effective ways to secure behavioural change were especially valuable given the central role that CRS practitioners have in communicating – both internally and externally – with stakeholders.”

Paul Burke, Head of ICRS Secretariat.

“Embarking on the next phase of our carbon management plan, Phillipa and John led an excellent interactive workshop for key stakeholders on continual improvement and the psychology of behaviour change in carbon reduction. The workshop was really useful for raising awareness about our plans for building in ISO50001 across the Council and also provided some useful organisation-specific practical advice on how to motivate staff from all areas to play their part. Feedback was very positive and will help engage all staff as we roll out the new Plan in the next 5 years.”

Dr Paul Spencer, Energy & Carbon Manager, Oxford City Council.

“Phillipa is a very engaged and apt speaker who conveys the theory of behaviour change within the context of organizations and sustainability in a very clear way and at the same time encourages taking practical action. I started to implement some of the actions the next day and have been able to take the first effective steps towards a sustainable food policy.”

Alina Salomon, Project Coordinator, Institute for Environmental Education and Sustainability, The Netherlands.

“I’d highly recommend this course as a starting point for anyone embarking on a staff awareness or behaviour change initiative, to understand what’s really involved and give yourself the best chance of making your intervention successful. The workshop is very practical and interactive, with ample opportunity to learn from others. A most enjoyable and enlightening day, thank you.”

Marion Beaver, Technical Officer, British Compressed Air Society

"Dr Coan skilfully took us through the principles behind what drives energy and environmental behaviours in the workplace. This was complemented by very practical examples and exercises to really drive home the lessons. I know the course will prove to be entirely useful as I work to develop my own programmes in the future. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in rounding out their energy management skill set with knowledge on the increasingly important area of behaviour change.”

Robin Hamaker, Energy Consultant & ESOS Lead Assessor

"Phillipa’s workshop on behavioural change is a perfect mix of the principles of psychology and the application of these to environmental management within a business setting. The workshop is an interactive day, with plenty of room for ideas sharing and networking and you’ll leave with tangible actions that you can implement in your organisation right away.”

Lauren Rowe, Sustainability Engagement Coordinator, Unite Students.

"Phillipa recently led a workshop at our Water Industry Energy event which focused on why behaviour change matters. Her enthusiasm and insight left participants both engaged and inspired, and lifted the mood of the day. On the evaluation forms she received 5/5 across the board which is a first for speaker feedback. I look forward to working with her again for the next event!"

Emma Lawson, Event Content Producer, Faversham House